Here's what Dawn's clients have to say:

 "Dawn taught me to release my tension which has helped me in my everyday issues in life, with my spouse and child. Things are much clearer and there is more communication with one another. My life changed after that one session - I gained a greater perspective and appreciation for life." ~Danette Vives, Esthetician


 “I have several underlying chronic health conditions, including Fibromyalgia, which had been recently diagnosed before I met Dawn.  The Raindrop treatments improved the balance of energy in my body, which somehow improved my mind and my general mental outlook, too. I felt, and continue to feel, greatly unstuck in some emotional spots, thanks to the work that we did together. Her creation of a space of deep listening has been very valuable to me. I think people do not truly listen to each other anymore. Dawn listens very effectively, and this helped me move beyond some memories and emotional residue that was built up inside of me. I think that our work together has healed me of some past trauma.” ~K.T.


In my journey of healing from PTSD, Dawn's unique combination of innate and acquired skills, along with her dedication, compassion, and loving honesty have allowed me to feel GOOD. Besides being a highly skilled bodyworker, Dawn has developed a gift for facing pain and suffering and giving permission to be with that experience. Miraculously, I have learned that when I rest with myself lovingly wherever I am, transformation becomes possible. I have been blessed to work with Dawn and I continue to become happier in the world and more productive in fulfilling the passions dictated by my heart. If I could say one thing about Dawn that puts her in the highest echelon of healers, it is her ability to create safe space where one can freely and securely express whatever they are experiencing in their life. Dawn is extraordinarily courageous and reminds me that we are beings of love and light. ~P.L.


"I always had a stressful life and never took care of myself.  Dawn and her amazing work have allowed me to take time out for myself and I really look forward to the session with Dawn.  She is a dream.  After receiving her therapy, I am more energetic yet calm, I sleep better and I am a more balalnced person.  Dawn has been such an important force in the transformation of my life.  Dawn is amazing and she will change your life. Don't think twice about working with her." ~Laura Gava

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