Private sessions are 60 minutes ($100) or 90 minutes ($150)   Discounts for Topanga Locals. 


Packages are also available and sliding scale for those in need. 

Sessions are integrative and designed for the unique needs of each person. Three general styles are offered below:

Integrative Massage - integrating swedish and deep tissue massage with craniosacral techniques and essential oils to relieve stress, injury, tension and trigger points.

Cranio-sacral therapy - combined with energetic healing techniques from Reiki and Polarity chakra therapy.  The client remains clothed while laying on a massage table to receive gentle touch on the back, head, neck, hips and feet. This treatment helps to release tension and induces a state of deep relaxation, supporting the brain and nervous system to relax and rejuvenate.   

The Raindrop Technique is also effective in relieving back pain, tension, and stress with the application of therapeutic-grade essential oils on the back, neck and feet.  Ten different essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches above the back and massaged along the vertebrae and back muscles, followed by hot moist towels along the back for a relaxing spa-like experience.  Many essential oils have anti-bacterial properties, and their wonderful aromas help to restore the mind and emotions to a feeling of calm and centeredness.

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