Private yoga instruction

This will help you to address key health concerns and develop a self-care practice that supports your unique needs and intentions.  Drawing from yoga postures, energy exercises, movement/dance, essential oils and chakra meditations to help you release stress and pain while creating more peace and centeredness.
No prior yoga experience necessary.
Call or text 310-497-0327 for appointment.

Are you ready to take yoga to a whole new level?
It's as simple as breathing.


Aroma Yoga® is a unique style of movement and yoga that is gentle and restorative, using simple exercises paired with essential oils to release stress and restore balance and harmony in body and mind.  

  • Experience the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils to deepen your practice, release tension and quiet the mind.

  • Learn fun, easy energy clearing exercises that you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine. 


  • Stimulate and balance the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether with this well-rounded practice including Hatha asana, vinyasa, freestyle movement and partner exercises.

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